Orka World Theme Park

Our latest project, Orka World Theme Park will be opening to visitors in 2020. This is the biggest and the number one Themed Water Park in the region. You and your family will be able to enjoy many exciting and fun activities all day long in this amazing and magical world of water. From the slow pace of the Lazy River to the adrenalin rush of the Rocket on top of the Mountain.

There are pool and splash areas with sunbeds for you to relax. Fast food, bar area and shops to meet your needs.

In the evening on certain days of the week there will be our Show Package. This will include an amazing smoke and light show from the mountain and the Maya Temple while enjoying a delicious open buffet meal.

After dinner you will be able to sit back and enjoy our spectacular show, something you will not want to miss. So when you plan your next trip to Turkey remember to add Orka World Theme Park to your list of things to do.

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