Orka Hotels is a part of EDELSTAAL GROUP. The Edelstaal Group commenced trading at 1981 in the Netherlands with a core business of stainless steel. With in time, as we earned trust and respect from the global market a steady growth was inevitable.

At the moment we are an international group that trades in 12 countries that includes Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Turkey. The Group has expanded into several businesses and owns its own factories producing stainless steel kitchen products and other large developments throughout Europe.

Our group has started its investments in Turkey in 1992 at Design & Construction and Tourism industries with of Orka Homes Design and Construction and Orka Hotels brands. Our investments have been increasing ever since with modern villas and residences that we have built in Fethiye Ölüdeniz and modern 5, 4 star holiday resorts and city hotels in Fethiye, Marmaris and İstanbul. Our facilities are ready to let you and your loved ones have a holiday to remember with their perfect locations and service quality above market standards that meets Turkish hospitality.